Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Who I am on a snowy October day...

I'm sprawling journals

and scribbled words
I'm tones of white and cream
   and charcoal grey
I'm splashes of big, bold
   blues and greens and
  purples and yellows.
I'm piles of books
and heart-shaped rocks
I'm forests and oceans and
   bright white birch
I'm boisterous hollers
  in hockey rinks
    on gym side benches
 on spring's green sidelines
I'm toenails pink and purple
  and blue and red
  and sometimes one for every toe.
I'm high-fives and competition
  in knee pads at net
I'm laughter and silliness
and original song
I'm daughter and mother 
and wife and friend
I'm peace in solitude,
  in stillness, in quiet
I'm wide-smiled, 
   gentle-breezed solace
I'm trickling brooks, tumbling
  rapids, whispering streams,
    and glassy lakes
I'm creative soul searching
  and hungry and longing
I'm well-watered garden, 
  lovingly planted, and pruned
I'm harvest, ripe and ready
  to be picked
   and seed needing to be
I'm clay in potter's hand,
  treasured vessel of beauty 
   and purpose 
in the making
I'm arms and heart outstretched to
One who knew me by name
  before I was
   and calls me His very own.

photos © melody armstrong


  1. Melody - you are an amazing writer - I loved today's entry!! Actually I take that back - you are an amazing person on top of all the things you wrote above :)
    Lisa Walker

    1. Dear Lisa: Thank you for your lovin' - I accept it with open hands and heart. You make me feel spoiled. So glad you enjoyed today's post. :) Excited to have you reading. Yay. Hope to see you again soon.

  2. Beautiful Melody. You are an artist with you words, images and the way you live your life!

    1. Same right back to you, my friend. Thank you for the hours and hours of meaningful conversations we share. You provide so much encouragement and inspiration. I can't wait to see your dreams come true....I'll be there for the book signing, of course.


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