Monday, 21 March 2016

needing a little spring?

wishing you a few moments
of happy
spring smiles that spill over
into laughter
maybe even a carefree afternoon 
to take a long walk
listen to the birds sing
and enjoy a little sun
on your face

(I wish I could give proper credit to the photographer who took the image of the women above -- which I absolutely love.  I tore this image from a magazine but forgot to note the artist.)

Thursday, 17 March 2016

a difficult "yes"

You asked 
something important of me
and I said "yes"

not a thunderous kind of yes
that throws open doors
and reverberates through hallways

but a single
feather-kind of yes
one with almost no weight 
of confidence
at all

the kind of yes 
that might require some shelter
to keep it from wisping away
with my heavy exhales

i can only trust 
that even in its frailty
You hear it 
that it counts

it is mystery to me
that You are able 
to take one delicate yes
upon    another
upon           another
and create 
something warm enough
to cover me 
during the cold

words and images © copyright Melody Armstrong 2016

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

life in transition


at times
a quiet whisper of change
  a slight shift of balance
a subtle transforming moment
when one thing nudges up against another
becoming new in the process
it can be a touch 
so gentle in passing 
that unless intentionally regarded
it slips away

but sometimes 
like a growing, rushing wave
that meets the shore
with life altering force
transitions come
unexpected, untamed, unimagined
leaving us reshaped
even to ourselves 

all that was buried
beneath layers of busyness
or soul distraction
or forward momentum

everything is visible
just laying bare upon the surface 
of this life we've been building together.

It's a lovely sort of chaos
like modern art
hard to understand
but possibly beautiful.

words and images © copyright melody armstrong 2016