Wednesday, 19 August 2015


i put a petal to my lips
something exquisite
about this feather touch
in a world with such rough edges
i imagine how it would feel
to fold myself in the softness
of a luscious bloom
then i slip into our sheets
 next to you

and realize
i already know 

words and images © Melody Armstrong 2015

Sunday, 16 August 2015

summer gifts & dreamy spaces

my heart smiles contentment
and spills gratitude 
for the gift of this lovely lake space
a dream that really came true
a place
that is peaceful
and filled with the love we share 

dreamy blues and whites
and candlelight
and sloped ceilings
and bathtub in bedroom
sparse decor
of driftwood and rocks 
white birch branches
and garage sale trunks 
and creamy sofas and papasan to sink into

and lots of spots
to nap in the sun 
or snuggle under blankets
to watch the lightning 
to listen to the rain
to daydream
to sip wine or extra hot moccachinos
or G2's or iced tea
to luxuriate 
in the laughter of those we love
or share a tear
or be alone

this place is about
and freedom
to Be and to become

to simply relish
whatever the moment may bring

a ski, a surf, a crazy flying tube ride
a paddle, a midnight swim off the boat
a movie on the hammock
or the drive-in
a dip in the river 
a walk in the sand
or a float on the boat
to gaze 
and be amazed
 at meteor showers for hours

this is a place for favourite foods
with favourite people....
ribs in the smoker or steaks on the grill
salads and fruit and pie 
Demille's cheese buns
Enderby cinnamon buns
and D Dutchmen chocolate milk
and, and, and.....

in this place
with these people.


words and images © copyright Melody Armstrong 2015