Monday, 26 January 2015

crazy beauty....and being surprised

i pass this old red barn every day
and I'm still mesmorized
by the way it stands tall against the sky
even if it's shoulders are sagging a little
it glows soft red as twilight works its magic
and I stare as longs as i can
till i've passed it again

but today I stop
(with my one teenage boy and his buddy) 
and we all pull out our phones and start shooting
cuz there's beauty everywhere
when you stop to look for it

...wishing you a few moments to 
see the unexpected beauty 
on your travels today

 and thank you to my boy
who still occasionally surrenders 
that outrageously gorgeous smile
to the camera 
melting mama's heart
every time.

(and thanks to instagram for those filters that I still can't master on my own!!!  haha)

words and images © copyright melody armstrong 2015

Thursday, 22 January 2015

frosty diamonds

: :
so many gorgeous mornings lately
everything cloaked in diamonds
so i pull the car over
plod through snow much deeper than my boots
snap pictures and smile while
snow flakes sneak inside my socks
and diamonds melt between my toes
: :

have a lovely, frosty day

P.S. if you wish to be amazed at the exquisite beauty of a single snowflake like this one
 treat yourself to more incredible photography by Alexey Kljatov
and maybe you'll even try your hand at it since he gives some
really great instructions on his techniques

-this photo by Alexey Kljatov of "chaotic minds" blog