Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Today I walk.  It's cool outside but I need to breathe -- deeply.   I huff and puff up the hill as fast as I can till my legs burn and I feel like I am coming alive again - rather than going into hibernation.

I crawl through a fence, an old habit that I haven't yet kicked of needing to explore the boundaries, and follow coyote tracks across fields to the edge of dense far-away woods.

As I make my way across the barren, ice-dusted praire grasses.....

this leaf
like me
so many colors
parts alive next to parts dead
sitting beautiful 
in an imperfect way
letting the snow melt

this tree
like me       
branches bare today
stripped of decoration
the shape of 
what was
what is
and what tomorrow 
will be 

this post
like me
wrapped in barbs
old and new
piercing those close

this pretty weed 
in seed
like me
transforming, shedding
readying for winter
and spring

photos©Melody Armstong


  1. I finally figured out, by accident, how to subscribe to your elixir words of life and healing. Hurray, now I will see you in my inbox! xoxo

    This entry was very raw of your courageous soul. I am so happy for you to release this is in walks, words and wonderful photographs. Bravo, Brave Soul.

    Your entry on being the giver and receiver was so painfully like many choices I made to refuse help because I was convinced it would prove I was not ok. Thanks for sharing the memory and the lesson.

  2. hey girlie - I actually thought of you as I wrote the giving/receiving piece. See, you're not the only one that struggles to receive. :)
    So.....I receive your words and love. :) Thanks for posting and hope we can do a walk together one day soon. thou.


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