Monday, 29 October 2012

ugly beautiful

my favourite lone tree
more broken now than ever
and still standing
final leaves cling
in frosty
to the branch last living
hanging splintered now
pointing to earth
instead of sky.
Living and losing 
pressed so close and hard 
it hurts to breathe
dare I say it
all is Grace 
even the ugly beautiful.

taking a closer look

same tree, different view

sometimes you have to move in closer to find any beauty at all

if you look hard enough.........just please, keep looking!

photos and text©melody armstrong


  1. Wow! That is very powerful. The imagery is amazing.I especially love that first picture of the tree. And your poem articulates that image so well. Melody, I think one of your greatest gifts is your ability to see beauty in everything and you draw that beauty out. Just keep doing it because it is inspiring!

  2. thanks so much Chantal. I am honored to have you reading and providing feedback. xo melody

  3. I love this! I think your eye for photography is getting more stunning than ever! Wow, love the details you've brought out from it, and how the frost decorates the leaves and branches.

  4. miss tracy - coming from a killer photographer like you, I take that as highest compliment. thank you friend.


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