Wednesday, 3 October 2012

frosty joy

Delight is a wondrous thing.
this mornings frosty offerings
We had our first snowfall fly from the heavens last night around 9:00 pm.  We may be the only household that cheers and hollers when the air turns white with dancing, twirling coolness.  
Homework gets tossed aside, hand stands in the living room cease,  jackets are rummaged through and thrown on recklessly, and kids are high-tailing it out the door.  

Delight. It makes my heart soar.  

What a gift - this unique ability to celebrate the strangest things, to have a different perspective - a different way of seeing that allows for surprise and wonder.

This is a lesson my children teach me almost daily....and when they forget, I try to remember and teach them:  it is all in the seeing.  There is always another angle from which to view our circumstances.  
always another angle
Surely an icy snowfall on the 1st of October is only miserable, cold and a mournful loss of last week's 25 degree temperatures!  But, no.  Instead its a joyful indication of all that awaits for children who are eager to toboggan, ski, skate, shovel, build snowmen AND PLAY in the white wonder.

May you be delighted today as you seek and search and keep looking for new angles....whether your day is filled with summery green warmth, or white frosty cold like mine.  

If you wish to share a story when you have been surprised by joy, I welcome you to share your thoughts in the comment section below.  

Photos ©Melody Armstong


  1. When I arrived home today, I was oozing negative everything. I don't know exactly why, but it was so horrible and dreadful that I didn't know what to do. At first I started to clean the kitchen, thinking that if I just stayed busy it wouldn't be able to get me totally. Then I thought of your blog, so I jumped into your whispering soul stream and got healed.

    I read your entry for today, 10/10/12, but all I could think of was a very non-poetic, short word. I refrained from entering that in your comment section (word was expressing my insides, not your beautiful blog!). I could feel the healing happening as I read entry after entry. Then my husband came in and said maybe we should have a quick slow dance. This cracked me up and I laughed and cried. The cat had come to cuddle on me and my keyboard by now, and then my husband looked at me and said, "I know what you need! You need a muffin top!!" He HATES when I steal the top off of a muffin, but he ran out to grab a muffin from his secret stash and then handed me the top. Surprised by joy!!

  2. it. Especially the "muffin top" -- ha ha. It sounded like a pretty weird offer at first. :) Sooooo glad your heart felt the healing balm through words posted out into cyber space. I love knowing that they connect to the perfect reader. Hope you collect on the quick, slow dance too. xo Melody


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