Monday, 28 October 2013

first snow

thank you Ali for capturing pure joy!!

first snow...

it is
jitters and giggles growing
in a bubbly frenzy
til finally kids can
burst outside
in boots and mitts and snow pants
too big and too small
pulled from the hidden recesses
of closets and bins
still in summer hibernation

it is 
 hollars from the garage of 
"where's my .....[everything]"
and the two of us behind them
following happy chatter 
and frosty footsteps
tracked all the way up the street
to the new best hill behind the neighbour's house

it is 
doorbells ringing and 
more crazy kids 
smothered in scarves and outgrown jackets
peeling and reeling
 into the wonderful
chilly white world
first snow.

Words © copyright Melody Armstrong 2013
photo credit:  friend Ali  M.

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