Monday, 14 October 2013

Canadian Thanksgiving and monumental joy....

It's Thanksgiving Day and after a weekend filled with hockey and church and family parties, bountiful in food and fellowship, I've snuck upstairs and slid into a warm bath.  The window is open, a cinnamon candle is burning, I have a book in my hand and a cold glass of water beside me.  I can hear the football game playing on the television downstairs and the front door opening and closing with various children piling in and tumbling out again.

It's a day of monumental joy.  Truly! It's a day to revel in the beautiful simplicity of my life.  It's a day I WANT TO BE AWAKE TO.  It's a day to say THANK YOU, GOD......
for a heart that knows where home is...for the sounds of contentment in bouncing, giggling girls out on the trampoline...for the drone of the lawn mower and a husband who's left his half-time football game to go out and cut the grass for what might be the last time before next spring...for colors half-summer, half-fall that glow golden in sunshine...for breaths of fall air, all earthy and full, pouring in the window where I soak...for cinnamon candles and warm baths...for trains and whistles and reflections on water...for two sons who are finding their own way around a lazy (finally!!) day...for a man who I love and who loves me....and for mercy and grace, unmerited, and freely given by a Savior who knows intimately every soul's unspoken whispers.

SO.........THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, GOD for simple, monumental JOY.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!!  If any of you would like to share some of the simple moments in your life that you are thankful for today, I would be honoured to read them.  

words and images © copyright Melody Armstrong 2013

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