Thursday, 24 January 2013

bloom possibility

"dance   beneath   blue   sky   or   rain;
bloom   possibility "

This is a picture of my grandparents in 1952, taken in front of the modest prairie home my mom grew up in.  

today i got to create
i cleared some space for it
the "to-do" list waited patiently
while i tilted my head this way and that
played with layers 
fiddled with words and
angles and old photos
not much to show for an afternoon 
except it sparked me awake 
and nourished my soul
i love art.

I finally finished my journal cover today - pretty journals are one of life's small delights for me. It all started with a white tag that I saved from off a new pair of jeans.  I always save junk like that.  I wanted to cover it with a piece of my history and symbols of new beginnings.  I also snuck in the word "begin" which I have chosen as a focal point for my imagination in 2013.    

 Here's the finished cover.  It wasn't till it was all glued that i realized the background was upside-down.  Whoops!!  Maybe I really am profound --subconsciously.  My world certainly feels upside-down half the time.  Anyhow......just thought I'd share.  

May your day bloom with possibility!

photos and text © melody armstrong 2013


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