Thursday, 17 January 2013

a place for gratitude

You know those beautiful little books that you just can't resist, but have no idea what to do with? Mine have become places for gratitude.

 I have them around the house and at the ready.....I can always spare a moment to record the things I am grateful for.  It is a practice that I have come to cherish.  IT IMPROVES MY helps me see the countless gifts of grace in my life.  It's better than carrots!!
The one below is sitting on my bathroom counter next to the soap.  I remember to wash my hands.  I can remember to be grateful.  The "thank yous" go deeper and deeper, and so does my contentment.  As I practice thanking God, even for the really difficult things in my life, I continue to see His loving hands more clearly.  These small pieces of paper represent a part of my praying life ---- my whispers of love and gratefulness to the Keeper of my Heart. 

Text and photos © melody armstrong 2013


  1. What a great idea to have something so pretty to inspire you to make an effort and be intentional at realizing the little gifts, moments, and cherished times God gives us! Thanks for writing again, I've missed it too!

  2. I might even have one of these little beauties around waiting to be given to my Takahashi girl. :) Thanks for your love and encouragement. :)

  3. Melody, because of your prompting, I picked up One Thousand Gifts again last night and started to read. Ann Voskamp wrote about a posture of gratitude leading to trust; the more we acknowledge our gratefulness to God, the more we come to trust him. So if this practice is true, and I think it is, your journals are building trust as well as a thankful heart. Two gifts in One!

  4. ahhhh.......yes - this is my hope. Let me know how One thousand Gifts goes for you. xo


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