Thursday, 5 November 2015

autumn gifts

I can't help but share this one with you again...

while i adore summer
in all its dazzle and lustre
it is autumn that soothes my soul
if i settle into it
 and let it works its magic

for if summer is an exuberant laugh
autumn is an intimate whisper 

if summer is dips in the lake and dinner on the front porch
autumn is books by the fireplace
and homemade soup simmering on the stove

if summer is fast rides in shiny, bright toys 
that make us scream with abandon and delight
autumn is long, leisurely walks 
along broken down fences to old barns barely standing
lost in thoughtful contemplation

if summer is passionate kisses, kicked off sheets and windblown hair
autumn is a tender embrace under fluffy down duvet and
a favourite wool hat pulled over wild tangles

if summer is luscious peaches and cherry stained t-shirts
autumn is crisp, crunchy crabapples eaten right off the tree
and puckered lips that follow

if summer is the sound of lapping waves and steps splashing along the shore
autumn is the swish of dried leaves kicked into the air or scrunched along the sidewalk

if summer is the song of raindrops and the call of red winged blackbirds
autumn is the frenzy of honking geese en route to a party 
perfect V's silhouetted against foggy morning skies

if summer is a spray of blossoms and petals in flirtatious, rainbow colors
autumn is blushing, red leaves and shy pinecones and marigolds peeking through frost

if summer is cool drinks in iced glasses and barefeet hopping on sizzling pavement
autumn is steamy hot chocolate and toes cozy in brown leather boots

if summer is kids out late and not to be seen for hours
autumn is family tucked a little closer while daylight slips earlier into darkness

if summer is waking with the sun on your skin
eyes wide open to a world already beckoning
autumn is a gentle stirring 
a quiet tiptoe
into a world of stillness
barely lit by crimson sunrise

and so...
while i adore summer
in all its dazzle and lustre
it is autumn.....
if i settle into it
 and let it works its magic
that soothes my soul. 

words and images © copyright melody armstrong 2015

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