Friday, 8 March 2013

winter white forgiveness

What if, right in the winter of our souls, we saw it......the beauty and purity of the dazzling forgiveness that Christ offers to wash us in?  

 And what if, right in the middle of that icy frozen state of our own unforgiveness, we experienced a melt?
...and the frozen hurts, preserved over the long soul-winter,  started falling drop at a time, till just our tender hearts were left?

What if, in our own process of being forgiven and forgiving others, we found freedom to flow, a fresh water stream, clear right down to the bottom of us? 

AND WHAT the words of the lovely hippy urban girl:
"...she remembers that beauty rises up from the ice shards of life"?

May your winter soul, and mine, be warmed by the pure beauty of forgiveness - both given and received.

With love,

photos and text copyright©Melody Armstrong 2013

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