Monday, 11 March 2013

riding upstream

Living life against the current
answering His sacred call
pursuing things eternal
walking lightly on this earth
laying down my life, not fighting for it
forgiving because I am forgiven
choosing to see the best in others
 trusting when the way is hard and uncertain
pouring from my emptiness in order to be filled
letting my weakness be my strength
walking in Christ's footsteps-
even when they lead to a cross...
and though I lose my footing
falling hard and often
and find myself in the river
currents wild, rushing against me
cold soaked right through
I shout out what I know:
 God's faithfulness
-the grace gifts that 
flow harder and deeper still.
And right there
in that moment with my soul laid bare
I find courage and strength
in His tender, ever-present voice
in the compassionate grasp of His hands
where, alongside the scars,
my name is engraved. 

words and images copyright © melody armstrong 2013

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