Saturday, 23 January 2016

:: quiet moments ::

a few quiet days lately

(between spurts of high-energy
spring cleaning projects in january
such as pantry reorganizing, fridge cleaning, 
closet sorting, purging and donating, 
and basement painting ) 

to breathe
to be alone 
to be still enough 
to recognize the yearnings
of my heart
and willfully choose
to let my days 
be shaped by them

and so...long walks in the woods
luxuriously long soaks in the bath
immersed in favourite words
peaceful hours of creating.... 
a journal cover
 a few pages of random thoughts 
plastered in mixed media

unmeasured moments 
of thought and 
contemplation and prayer
sitting in my dreamy bedroom 
letting my eyes be washed 
by the soft light of these grey winter skies

i am seeing clearer

and what do I have to show
for this solitude
but a 
few pretty pages

the fullness of my heart 
can neither be measured
nor displayed.

words and images © copyright Melody Armstrong 2016

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