Friday, 11 September 2015

fall is in the air

My toenails are shiny pink -- too shiny for August's fresh-off-the-beach toes -- and the cool, dewy grass is still lush and green, but something has shifted within and without.  It feels like fall and I'm not sure I will comply just yet.  Perhaps my favourite jean jacket and boots can wait just a little while longer and I'll choose my white linen top and flip flops instead.  

There are still summer weeds in the garden yet to be pulled, and last night, after three hours of digging weeds, turning soil and planting tulips, we barbecued hamburgers and enjoyed them together on the front porch beneath the warm, low slanted rays of sun (dirt under my fingernails, and all!)

Here I am, friends.....practicing living in the moment -- whatever it brings.  For the time being, I am perfectly content to share another meal outside and give thanks for a day that began with a morning walk in the fog with a dear friend and came to a close with a stretch and one last sip of ice water from a muddy glass.'s treasured moments.

Happy easing into fall......

words and images © copyright Melody Armstrong 2015 (except where otherwise cited) 

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