Thursday, 19 September 2013

wasn't it just yesterday?

....that our life was water
of river and lake 
to cool
to float our boat 
to forget school
to laugh and swim
to sit by and gaze at
and daydream?

....that our life was warmth
and freckles and sun 
and I followed the boys
just for fun
into the river - 
clothes and all
and who cares about hair
or hurrying?

...that our life was fresh
sweet cherries staining 
teeth and clothes 
and peach juice dripping
from chins to toes
an overflow of 
goodness and thanks
in every bite?

wasn't it just yesterday...

...that our life was together
 in early light snuggled
some afternoons huddled 
under canopy
of rain-drop symphony
storytelling faces
in strands of twinkle-light glow
thanks to husband 
who doesn't even know
he always brings light?

...that our life was transition
even while drenched 
in shades of green
and sun
a gentle knowing
that change would come
that summer treasures
get buried beneath
a pile of leaves turned gold
then snow
until who knows?

words and images © melody armstrong 2013


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  2. Thank for answering poetry with poetry -- your comment was so beautiful I had to post it here. Thank you, friend.

    "What a stunning poem and epic tale of love and happiness. Only you could have gathered all these bouquets together and put them on the table of our hearts so that we, too, could enjoy the beauty, the colour, the velvety delicateness and the aroma of joy and love. Thank you love. xoxojoey"

  3. I love that line about your he always brings light. That tells a lovely story. Beautiful meditation and attention here. Makes me hope I will be so mindful when warm days come my way again. Thank you (Lovely photos, too.)

    1. thank you so much Tonia for your reply. It's lovely to be able to share with one another in this way. I love your blog and thank you for your steady gifts. -Melody


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