Saturday, 20 April 2013

more funny please!, after reading a VERY funny author last week, I decided that I need to be more funny!  I want my blogs to make you laugh (well, they can make you cry too.  I always like that!!)  But seriously.......I'm waaaay too serious sometimes!! you can see....ever since I decided to make my blog more funny, you've received...ummm.... ZERO posts.  Oh's worse than I thought.

My kids are funny.  My husband is VERY funny.  My sister-in-law is funny.  My 86 year-old mom is funny!!

Maybe I'm the straight man (except when I'm on the volleyball court --- then I am quite hilarious!! --- but that's the wrong kind of funny!!!)   I get to be the one that everyone else can launch their jokes from.  Without guys like me, humour just disappears altogether.   So actually.....all you funny people out there should be thanking people like me; being the straight man is an important job, one that I take very seriously!  What?!?

Alright.  If I can't write clever humour, I can always resort to my face. My face can be very funny!

Please laugh!! I'm SERIOUS!!!!

Happy laughter to you!!

words and images © copyright Melody Armstrong 2013


  1. I'm leaving you a post because you are crazy funny on and off the court!! Keep writing, inspiring and making us laugh because you were made to do exactly what you are doing and being exactly who you were created to be! I have loved your last few posts...capturing absolute BEAUTY wrapped up like a gift for all of us to read and see!

    1. dearest Tracy - i didn't see your comment until now. Thank you so much for your enduring love and acceptance. What a precious friend you are. I have laughed with you till we cried --- that's my favourite thing ever! Thank you for that and I look forward to many more laughter tears!! You are the best!!


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