Monday, 19 November 2012

even laundry is worth a smile

I was so irritated with him, this tall one -- taller than me -- who was supposed to be in trouble, who was supposed to feel miserable folding laundry while the others were out in the snow, who was being punished and still finding a way to make it fun.

But irritation only lasts so long.  I had to give in and laugh.  He always finds a way to make me laugh - just the way his dad does, even when I'm irritated (especially when I'm irritated). 
How can folding laundry be so messy and fun? Is he really wearing a full laundry basket on his head?  
How can work invite so much play and silliness,
 so much....that it falls out and around like laughter??
and when did I start caring that the towels were folded perfectly - and in an orderly manner....and stop seeing fun in work??

Again....reminded how I'm forever
 needing new eyes for a new
way of seeing.

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